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a Lost Meadow

and now... something completely different!

Afrika 1941 an Italian Cr-42 shot down

Black 1937

It's just another Woman in Black...!

German secret air base, winter 1945

"Pirati" / "Pirates" di/by Mario Monti

No Facebook, No Party..!

IL Pasticcere

Li hai fregati tutti Toppi!

2012 The Masque of the Red Death (1-2)

Checkmate! Hungary 1944-45

Always the same...Bezna Tetzla!

Still playing chess.. 1943

Tom Hanks' Electric City Trailer

Roma Suk Ovest_ Book Trailer

Roma Suk-Ovest_Pre-production

More Bezna-Tezla! war in the East

BEZNA TEZLA! War in the East

Belgorod, Ukranian summer 1943


age of steel, weapons and disease, it's Long Jonh time! Finally, after long time, free hand draw again!

Inspired by Halo